Metal Chameleons

We use metal finishes everywhere in our homes: lighting, cabinet hardware, kitchen sinks and faucets, range hoods and appliances and even furniture and home decor.  So, what is on-trend in metal finishes?  Some of the long time staples in the world of metal finishes...

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DIY Summer Tablescape Projects

We shared Misty and Shannon's basic rules for creating an easy and beautiful summer tablescape in our last post. Watch the video below and refer to our supply list so you can try some of these exciting projects at home! is a supply...

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Misty and Shannon’s Summer Tablescape

What makes an impactful tablescape?  Here are Misty and Shannon's go to tips:Choose a Theme: Choose a theme and stick with it throughout the design.  It can be color, pattern, a design motif like flamingos or pineapples, family heirlooms or natural elements.  Misty...

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DIY Smores Bar

Are you looking for a fun DIY activity that the whole family can enjoy? A S’mores Bar is the answer!  This s’mores bar is portable and can be used indoors or out. The perfect solution to summer boredom, slumber parties, camping indoors, apartment or condo living,...

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DIY Plywood Floors

Are you looking for a budget friendly way to add hardwood floors to your home?  Misty and her husband, Scott, just installed DIY plywood floors that are beautiful and cost a small fraction of what installed hardwoods would cost.Misty and Scott started with 1/2"...

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DIY Hand Painted Tile Backsplash

Shannon is at it again!  Another weekend project renovating her kitchen by hand painting her tile backsplash.  You can update and modernize your kitchen with paint instead of a costly and messy tile demolition. Who's ready to love their kitchen again?!Builder grade to...

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On-Trend Leather Accents

Leather in home accessories is currently an on-trend hotspot.  And, it is being used in unusual ways.  The key to mixing leather in home fashion today is with the juxtaposition of texture.  Using contrasting textures like glass, concrete, wood, and textiles with...

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DIY Acrylic Sign- Video Tutorial

If you followed our latest post on the whimsical playroom DIY makeover, you were privy to some of the details that made it magical.  One of those details was an acrylic cupcake sign for the Bakery Trailer.  It gave the design a clean, modern flair and some depth and...

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The Magic of DIY in the Eyes of Children

Oh, to be a child again!  My husband jokes that I relive my childhood through my little ones.  Absolutely, I do!  Every. Single. Day.  The wonderment and pure joy of learning something new for the first time or the excitement of seeing a pink sunset is a beautiful...

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